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    76 Р113 hp / 56 - 83 kW.

    To stay ahead you need a tractor that gives you the power to meet everyday demands efficiently and cost effectively. Whatever the task and whenever it needs doing, JXU tractors are ready to deliver.

  • Models Engine
    [kW / hp(cv)]
    Torque rise Max. lift capacity
    Transmission Powershuttle Transmission Powershuttle (Optional with creeper)
    JXU 75 56 / 76 39 3900 24×24 12×12(20×20)
    JXU 85 63 / 86 40 3900 24×24 12×12 (20×20)
    JXU 95 71 / 97 37 4900 24×24 12×12 (20×20)
    JXU 105 78 / 106 31 4900 24×24 12×12 (20×20)
    JXU 115 83 / 113 29 4900 24×24 12×12 (20X20)




    JXU tractors are powered by 4-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines to give you maximum power for meagre fuel consumption. The steep torque rise ensures quick acceleration and aggressive pulling power whilst constant power ensures reliable performance in pto applications.


    Powerful 4-cylinder diesel engines. The 4.5 litres engines of new JXU deliver outstanding performance in terms of available torque, speed of response and fuel efficiency.

    Efficient power delivery. High torque engines with up to 40% (JXU 85) torque in reserve, easily keep you on top of the most demanding tasks.

    Exhaust aspirated air filter. An option for dusty conditions, in which airborne particles are directly ejected from the powercore filter into the exhaust gas stream.

    Constant performance. Engine and transmission are matched to produce consistent productivity.

    Turbocharged and intercooled. JXU engines are equipped with big capacity turbocharger and an air to air intercooler to boost thermal efficiency and extract

    Superior performance in cold climates. A viscous fan drive enables the engine to get to working temperature quicker, promoting efficient operation in the coldest of climates.

    Environmentally friendly. Internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), lower emissions and long service intervals combine to promote efficiency and reduce environmental impact



    Power and efficiency in every application. JXU transmissions and PTO drives are engineered for the highest degree of efficiency and reliability. Precision helical gears and forced lubrication systems, are perfectly matched to the engine and driveline for endurance and performance.

    Powershuttle. Take the strain out of loader work as the wet clutch packs enable direction changes at the flick of a lever.

    Powershift. Drive at peak performance and efficiency as the 2 speed powershift enables you to change under load and on the move without clutching.

    Powerclutch. At the touch of a button, shift between any main gear without operating the clutch pedal.

    Multidisc clutch packs. Modulated engagement ensures smooth gear changing and oil cooling promotes long lasting performance.

    3 speed pto. Choosing between 540, 540 Economy or 1000rpm output speed without leaving the cab, enables you to swap between implements easily.

    Ground speed PTO control available. For specialist applications, proportional ground speed matches the shaft rotation speed to that of the rear tractor wheels.

    Front pto and front hitch available. Extend the versatility of JXU with 2500kg of front linkage lift capacity and a 1000rpm front pto system

    Fender mounted remote controls. For stationary applications like water or slurry pumping, the option of external pto switches improve safety when working alone.



    Multitasking JXU tractors will power your business forward by efficiently clearing all those jobs around the farmyard, shifting silage, straw, grains and fertilisers. And when there is fieldwork to be done, the loader is simply removed and the next implement lifted by front linkage or rear hitch or both!

    Loads better. Case IH LRZ loaders are the perfect match for Case IH JXU tractors and with a lifting capability of 2500kg, they are unbeatable.

    Handle with precision. Palletised goods can be lifted without fear of tipping and full buckets of grain are not spilled when using the parallel linkage system.

    Ride in comfort. In built hydraulic accumulators absorb the shocks experienced when crossing rough terrain, to protect the loader, tractor and operator.

    Ergonomic control. The joystick is conveniently positioned and when combined with a powershuttle transmission, vehicle operation is stress-free.

    Tough linkage. Boosted by 2 external hydraulic rams, rear linkage capability is in excess of 5800kg to lift heavy rear mounted implements with ease.

    Intuitive controls. New Maxxum type Electronic Hitch Control system simplifies operation by placing regularly used controls under the palm of your hand.

    Fast response. By combining unused oil flow from the steering system for loader operations, loader lifting speed is increased and cycle times are faster.

    Oil flow where you need it. A total of 5 load sensing remote valves are possible, with 3 rear mounted and 2 mid mounted.



    Driving comfort and day-long multitasking are the focus of the JXU series. Non-skid steps and wideopening, solid-glass doors ensure safe and comfortable access. All essential controls are logically positioned and within easy reach to make time spent at work more comfortable and productive.

    Easy Access. Wide opening glass doors and an entrance route free from controls makes it easy to enter the cab from either side.

    Adjust to your posture. The drivers seat and steering column are fully adjustable to achieve the most comfortable working position for operators large and small.

    Air conditioning. The optional factory installed system ensures a cool operating environment and a rapid demist despite the outside temperature.

    Clearly defined. The instrument cluster gives an uncluttered view of operational status. An integrated performance monitor is available.

    Suspended Platform. Platform and cab tractors both benefit from suspension of the entire operator zone and their controls to limit harmful vibration and reduce excessive noise.

    Low Height. A low roof cab version is available reducing overall height by 80mm to enable easy access to traditional buildings.

    Forward visibility. The sloping engine hood and ‘A’ pillar mounted exhaust ensures unrivalled visibility to loaders or other front mounted implements.

    Implements always in view. With slim cab pillars and large rear view mirrors the vision to working implements or following trailers is never at issue. Caseih JXU.